From the mountains to the coast, in Campania there are countless places where you can find the perfect path for your excursion. Whether you want to explore new horizons or simply relax outdoors, it is important to have the right equipment with you, which must never become a burden. Bring only the essentials and keep the backpack light.

To decide what to bring, you need to understand what kind of excursion you will face. Start by considering the type of excursion (duration, distance, climbing, technical difficulty) and the conditions you expect to find (climate, season, weather). The equipment and clothing vary according to these factors. In general, the greater the distance to travel, the greater the need to remain light. The fundamental elements to be equipped with are undoubtedly:

  • Good quality hiking shoes
  • A hiking backpack
  • Clothing suitable for the weather
  • Items to protect you from the sun: sunglasses, cap with visor, sunscreen
  • A system of hydration and food supplies
  • A navigator, depending on what you are used to: smartphone with maps, a map, a compass, an altimeter, a hiking GPS or a GPS watch.
  • First aid tools: first aid kit, survival blanket, multitool with knife, headlamp, cellphone.

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Campania in Cammino

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