Visiting it means wishing to go back: Casalbore, in the Miscano Valley, Irpinia.

It is a village that stands out on the hills that protect the Valley, with a town that retains the imprint of past centuries. The farmhouses scattered among fields, woods and water sources make the landscape striking and surprising, characterized by a rich and restful range of colors: from the golden yellow of wheat and hay to the green of pastures and wooded nature.

Historically, Irpinia has always been strongly affected by the phenomenon of Transhumance, since it was a departure area for local shepherds and an obligatory transit area for the Abruzzese and Molise flocks traveling to Candela. On the long track of the Tratturo, the Casalbore stage was essential, because it was well equipped, having large areas for the rest of the herds.

This is a condition that has favored the maximum synergy between the sheep track system and the welfare, recreational and religious facilities present in the area.

Campania in Cammino


From the millennial traveling circus of transhumance, still alive in the memory of the elderly, the legacy of a fertile sediment survives in Casalbore. A rare fruit, expressed by the contamination of cultures, faiths, legends, taste and good practices. A legacy firmly guarded in the nature of its places, preserved and cared for by the younger generations and stubbornly valued, giving new life to many of those virtuous activities of the past.

Also known as "the town of 50 springs", due to its wealth of water sources, Casalbore, from its top, allows you to admire the profile of the Taburno, the hills of Puglia and the mountains of Alto Sannio. Then there is the Norman Tower which gives the village a historical charm to be enjoyed.

So, in Casalbore, history is immersed in nature and in a warm, hospitable, genuinely rustic community with a gastronomic tradition of excellence, rich in typical products that can be tasted in the agritourism facilities intended for staying in the village.

Casalbore is a living land, anchored to traditions, capable of looking to the future. One of the places to visit to experience a "different" experience and get to know the authentic face of Irpinia and Campania.

Casalbore represents an exciting discovery.

Just visit it to want to go back.

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    Campania in Cammino

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