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Urban Trekking

Urban Trekking is a new way to explore cities. It is a freer, less structured practice than ...

Trekking in the Mountains

If you are a passionate walker and are thinking of a multi-day trip made up of stops and overnight stays ...

Trekking along the coasts

Trekking overlooking the sea, with its enchanting itineraries along the Italian coasts, is a magical experience ...

Trekking Internal Areas

It is a powerful tool for enhancing these special areas and promoting the heritage of the territory ...


Trekking: a slow gesture of continuous research.

For those who love to spend their free time in contact with nature, trekking is much more than a simple sport, it is a passion: breathtaking landscapes, clean air and strong emotions that cross the senses. 
It is a way to disconnect from everyday life, to discover new and enchanting places, to experience unforgettable adventures and keep fit.
The term "trekking" derives from the English verb "to trek" which translates into Italian as "to travel long" or "to walk slowly". The slowness, the calm characterize the trekking excursions: you take the time to stop, relax, catch your breath and, above all, to "savor" the scents and sounds of the flora and fauna typical of the place.

Campania in Cammino

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