A trekking walk, which takes place along a more or less long itinerary, is certainly a pleasant experience, but it can also be a tough test for the body. The intensity of the effort obviously increases with the difficulty of the route and depending on how fit we are. Regardless of the type of route or the preparation of each one, it is good to follow some tips to help your body recover after the effort:

  • Drink abundantly: at least 1.5 liters to replenish lost fluids
  • Supplement mineral salts (mainly magnesium and potassium), especially if you go trekking in the summer months
  • Take a hot shower
  • Apply creams and/or lotions on the legs, combining them with a vigorous massage on the feet and calves,
  • For a few minutes, place your legs up to promote blood circulation
  • Perform some simple stretching exercises before dedicating yourself to rest

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